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Uses of Sublimation Paper

Apparels: Lycra materials, cycling, Polyamide, Swim & Surfwear, 100% polyester (stretch), running, ice hockey wear, Sports and functional textiles.

Home Usages: Curtains, Blinds, Cushions, Table Covers, Towel Cleaners, etc.

Advertisement: Flags, Banners, Felts, Gaming tables, Home Textiles.

Sublimation paper is applicable to sublimation transfer, on which can print images with mirror reversal through inkjet printing, flat printing, screen printing, and gravure printing. Then transfer the image onto media by heating and pressuring, which makes ink on the paper become a gaseous state and combine with the media.

Heat transfer paper is applicable to heat transfer, on which images can be printed through flat printing or gravure printing, and then combined with media by heating and pressuring in order to transfer the image onto media.

Ink and Media Ink: Sublimation paper is used with sublimation ink. Heat transfer paper is used with sublimation ink, pigment ink, solvent ink or others. Media: Sublimation paper can be transferred onto polyester, mouse pad, banner and hard surfaces, such as mugs, ceramic and aluminium plate. But heat transfer paper is usually transferred onto cotton.

Successful dye-sublimation requires the following two-part process:
Printing graphics onto special transfer paper using sublimation inks.

Using heat press to transfer the ink-on-paper to the item to be designed.

Sublimation Paper KOALA 100 Sheets Multiple Size

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