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Red Grid is one of our most popular Inkjet Heat Transfer Papers due to its incredible vibrancy and color retention. With an easy peel and soft hand, Red Grid is the best paper for photographs and bright artwork. Red Grid is also compatible with most cutters, including Roland GX-24. Red Grid makes professional print-and-cut applications and can be applied by a hand iron or heat press


  • Red Grid is that the newest reformulation of the unbelievably fashionable Red Grid heat transfer paper! This reinvention of the first classic offers an equivalent straightforward application and usage with heat presses and traditional hand/home irons, superior color, and currently offers a softer hand on materials than ever before! Its super-sheer, skinny transfer layer permits for transfers with an incredibly lightweight background compound, and might even be cut by a vinyl cutter to get rid of any excess transfer all at once.


    Red Grid heat paper is printed with most inkjet printers and might be applied by either a hand iron or heat press. as a result of the distinctive nature of the warm paper coating, we tend to cannot guarantee this media to work in each printer or vinyl cutting machine.

RED GRID Heat Transfer Paper Inkjet Printer for Light Fabrics

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