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Metallic and metallic foil heat transfer vinyl.


Brilliant shiny colors.

The difference between metallic and metallic foil is that the foil product melts slightly into the fabric showing more of the texture of the underlying fabric leaving a very soft feel.  The metallic colors leave a very smooth bright finish.  Cuttable, easy to work, heat transfer vinyl for shirts, pillows, caps and more. 20" width.  Will adhere wash after wash to 100% cotton, 100% polyester, and poly/cotton blend fabrics. Our polyurethane vinyl material is thinner and lighter, designed for a softer feel and ideal for tees. Sticky carrier film helps with positioning and repositioning before heat pressing. Will not permanently adhere to nylon fabrics.


For a great unique look use any of the metallic foil colors and add a second layer of the clear vinyl on top as a second layer.  You will get an effect that looks like flecked paint with a clear coat finish.  It is very cool!  The clear color is also available in this listing.  The picture below shows foil metallic on the left side and on the right the same color with the added clear second layer.  Cut the same design for the foil metallic and the clear and press each separately.


Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl material is great for adding the look of metallic to any T-SHIRT garment. These aren’t your typical metallic finishes, Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl gives the shiny look of a colored chrome. Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl is perfect for any design that needs to stand out in a crowd! Please note that Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl is a unique product and that cracking and delamination may occur after washing. The results are not predictable


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