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100% instant dry(drying time: 37seconds), the transfer rate is more than 95% and the clarity of the image is the highest, similar to beaver paper, most suitable for high-end clothing transfer.
Time of drying: About 37 seconds
Weight: 100g,120g
Application: Bags, mugs, clothes, Mainly applied to fabric, like sportswear, cycling jerseys, etc.
1. Fast dry and highest ink release
2. Work on all inkjet printers
3. Best color performance by over 92% transfer rate
4. Can be applied to fabric, cups, ceramic, metal, flag, and many DIY designs
5. Could not use on the 100% pure cotton textile
1. Smooth surface
2. Keep smooth printing
3. Instant dry & and high speed printing
4. High transfer rate
5. Bright color on fabric
6. No fade, No cracked, Eliminate ghosting

Koala Sublimation Paper

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