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HG World now is printing DTF for its customers


Send us your designs and we will print them for you.  Forget about cutting and weeding.  

Our DTF prints are high quality. The colors on your prints will be so vibrant. Once you press the prints onto your garment it has a soft hand feel, and it will last Forever!!!


Our DTF prints are suitable for the majority of types of fabrics. 


Instructions for sending your files:

1.- Send your designs to 
2.- Add your order number in the subject line. That will help me to identify and process your order faster.


Artwork Specifications:
1.- File format: PNG WITH NO BACKGROUND!!! Also, we accept TIFF files.
Please do not send other type file formats because we won't print and you will lose your money! if you send your file in JPEG we can convert your image into a printable file but you have to add REMOVE THE BACKGROUND in the "Extra Services" option.
2.- If your artwork has a background and you want that we takeout the background, please select REMOVE BACKGROUND in the "Extra service" options.
4.- We highly recommend 300dpi Image in order to get the best quality in your prints. 


Press Instructions
320 Fahrenheit
12 Second
Cold peel.

Washing instructions
To wash and dry we recommend inside out.

DTF PRINTS 1/2 YARD (22"X18")

  • If you have any questions, please contact us to or 561-200-7616

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