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Our History

We are a manufacturer and exporter of digital inkjet Heat Transfer Paper (printed textiles by thermo-transfer),  Sticker (Waterslide Decals) Temporary Tattoo Paper and Paper and digital sublimation. We also have comprehensive services focused on the search for a more competitive market, enabling our customers to expand their business.


Our ideal is to go slowly revolutionizing the transfer paper market. Offering more innovative transfer, easy to use, high quality and competitively priced parts.

HG World We are innovative transfer paper, providing transfer options for every need and budget.

Industry experience with exceptional quality in our products.

Strategic Partnerships

Since 2008 HG World, has been supported, and the quality that only Neenah Paper Technical Products Inc. can provide in high quality Transfer Paper, which is transmitted to the end user as an excellent product, with a perfect retention of colors , durability and versatility in garments or textiles as well as dark colors of light as well as other surfaces cups, tiles, wood, metal and glass.

Nuestras Ferias

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